In the U.S., contact us toll free at 1-800-548-2362

Locally and internationally, phone 912-236-0000.

Missy Squires

Extension 102

Customer Service Manager /
International Orders & Quotes

Tammy Cesaroni

Extension 105

Vice President of Product Operations

Aaron Ingram

Extension 217

Vice President of New Product Development
and Vice President of Human Resources

Shannon Willhite

Extension 109

Vice President of Quality Assurance

Irene Davis

Extension 112

Customer Service: Orders & Quotes

Cheryl White

Extension 215

International Orders & Quotes

Melissa Winters

Extension 104

Instrument Evaluations

Chastity Sims

Extension 111


Melissa Winters

Extension 104

Accounts Receivable

Susan Phillips

Extension 106

Accounts Payable

Jen Kiernan

Extension 204

In Europe, contact us at +41 41 740 67 74


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