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  JANUARY 2018 New Products

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Alvi Small Charnley Style Locking Frame Set

A self-retaining frame and retractor system designed for use during anterior total hip arthroplasty, the blades help retract the hip capsule and musculature, permitting an unobstructed view of the acetabulum while freeing an assistant

Designed by Hasham Alvi, MD

Alvi Small Charnley Style Locking Frame Set

Product No’s:

7425-00 [Set]
Set includes: (1) 7425-01, (1) 7425-02, (1) 7425-03, (1) 7425-04

Also sold Individually:

7425-01 [Small Charnley Style Locking Frame]
Dimensions: 9" x 7" (22,9 cm x 17,8 cm)

7425-02 [2" Tapered Blade]
Blade Depth: 2" (5,1 cm)
Handle Length: 7" (17,8 cm)
Blade Width: 1" (2,54 cm)

7425-03 [3" Tapered Blade]
Blade Depth: 3" (7,6 cm)
Handle Length: 7" (17,8 cm)
Blade Width: 1" (2,54 cm)

7425-04 [4" Tapered Blade]
Blade Depth: 4" (10,2 cm)
Handle Length: 7" (17,8 cm)
Blade Width: 1" (2,54 cm)


Calibrated Ortho Spreader with Slotted Tips

A lamina spreader with a very thin closed profile, designed to enable distraction in tight joint spaces like the subtalar and talonavicular joints

Designed by Jason Bariteau, MD

Calibrated Ortho Spreader with Slotted Tips


Calibrated Ortho Spreader with Slotted Tips

Product No: 1841
Overall Length: 6.75" (17,1 cm)
Prong Length: .5" (12,7 mm)
Calibrations: 10 mm to 35 mm


Desai Curette Osteotome

Designed to remove bone and cartilage, helpful for preparing joint surfaces for fusion, allowing easy removal of osteophytes and cartilage without having to switch tools

Designed by Sarang Desai, DO

Desai Curette Osteotome

Desai Curette Osteotome

The osteotome portion also can be used to "feather" the subchondral surface to expose bleeding bone. It is also useful in instances of obtaining autograft, as it can be used to create a bone window and then remove cancellous bone.

Product No: 5241
Overall Length: 8.25" (21 cm)
Handle Length: 4.25" (10,8 mm)
Cup: 3.5 x 5 mm
Tongue Width: 3.5 mm
Tongue Length: 3.5 mm from edge of cup


Seymour ACL Graft Advancer

Designed to facilitate the passage and tensioning of an ACL graft into the femoral and tibial tunnels

Designed by Scott Seymour, MD

Seymour ACL Graft Advancer

A loop is tied in the prepared graft's passing sutures and the device is used to pull the graft into the tunnels, then to tension the fixation.

Product No: 1117
Overall Length: 4.35" (11,1 cm)
Handle Width: 4" (10,2 cm)
Hook Width: 19,5 mm Outside, 13,5 mm Inside
Hook Depth: 25 mm  Hook Diameter: 3 mm


Stulberg Incision Close Gelpi & Blade Set

Designed to help expose difficult to visualize areas at the end of incisions

Designed by S. David Stulberg, MD

Stulberg Incision Close Gelpi & Blade Set

Stulberg Incision Close Gelpi & Blade Set

Product No's:

4269-00 [Set – 1 Gelpi & 1 Blade]

Set includes / Available Individually:

4269-01 [Gelpi]
Overall Length: 7.25" (18,4 cm)
Maximum Spread Width: 3.5" (8,9 cm)

4269-02 [Blade]
Overall Length: 5.5" (14 cm)
Blade Width: 1" (2,54 cm)
Blade Bend-Back Angle: 130°


Wilson Double Scalpel Handle

Designed to help make a predictable incision in the patellar tendon when harvesting ACL graft material

Designed by Ralph Wilson, MD

Yezerski Small Rongeur

Wilson Double Scalpel Handle


The blade offset is 10 millimeters, but can be modified by bending the blades to create graft widths from 8 to 12 mm. The tendon graft is harvested from the patella and tibial tubercle including the patellar tendon. Uses scalpel blades that fit a #3 handle size.


Wilson Double Scalpel Handle
Wilson Double Scalpel Handle

Product No: 8207
Overall Length: 5.75" (14,6 cm)


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